Thursday, July 12, 2012


What comes with 16 years experience in travel to Cuba? The hidden, the real  & the sustainable CUBA. The Culinary and undiscovered Cuba.
We have a "Cuba attitude", NEEM delegates have fun; a great time in and out of the itinerary. You go places and see things others have not (including our Cuban counterparts). With very few exceptions, Cuba delegates with NEEM will not return to hear another person who traveled with a group talk about the same places we go. Our delegations are unique, not flipped. We are "Seed to Plate" A Wandering Feast.. As an environmentalist Executive Chef Farmer and musician you can expect to go to the best restaurant's but at the best prices. You might even find yourself in the jungle, surrounded by Royal palms eating Carne Asada slow cooked over an open flame draped in palm by a Cuban Chef. (We do not list the restaurants or they become a find then expensive).Our hosts, driver and interpreter eat with us, not at a separate table. Do you want to go to a free live Jam one night during your free time where musicians pour out into a hidden courtyard and play Bata, Rumba, Folklorica? We're going, so come along, its awesome.  We have undiscovered, cool and lesser known spots where we stay that are incredible (we only list hotel's in our ads, final itinerary will have accommodations). When we stay at Hotels, we don't always stay at the best but we make sure we stay where you can change money, get a cab and reasonable internet access. We had that experience once and we won't again. Why spend free time chasing currency exchange (they will not have if theyu don't), cabs or hours in the internet cafe. Depending on where you stay, this can become an issue and actually more expensive than a nicer place. Bottom line is we are still cheap even at the good hotels. We include a leisurely night in Miami and smooth transition to MIA to Havana AND round trip airfare from always included. 

Are we serious about what we do, yes? Food security, self sufficiency and sustainability are important topics of the day, what we do here in the States and why you are there. know body said it had to be boring. Our itineraries work as well for the novice as they do for the professional. It is always relaxed and no matter where or how hard times are there for our hosts, we will be treated as honored guests with a modicum of manners and gentality that only the Cuban people can provide. Something I Americans have forgot.
Either way you cut it, you will not come home the same, you will as they say in Sancti Spritus "return to the waters".

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