Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Democracy is more than just a word"

"Democracy is more than just a word". "There can be no democracy where there is hunger, unemployment and injustice." 

This is a call to to American companies, come home - do the right thing. We used to be self sustaining, we can be again. American companies continue to move companies, production and labor to other countries. I say if your business is somewhere other than here, then you are not an American corporation but a colonialist corporation and should declare that allegiance.
There is no middle class anymore and that is in and of itself dangerous! 
Huey Long said in 1963 that fascism would come to America in the guise of fear. Was he right after 911? Or, are we really a Socialist State with so many on social programs (statistics don't consider the self employed) and we just can't admit it? 
In 1864 90% of businessmen in America were farmers, self employed. 10% were shopkeepers who carried goods for the farmers. Our country depended on no one, we took advantage of oceans of separation. We stayed out of peoples business, completely independent. What happened? 
After the Industrial Revolution we were the powerhouse, we were the industrial giant. We are dependent now on the high tech revolution that replaced the vacated position of the Industrial revolution. An industry that's history is replacement of people as it improves. 
We are a consumer/service society codependent on countries whose influence and ownership in the U.S. is like some stock or bond they hold as a majority shareholder; poised to make changes we the people have nothing to say about. Have we lost our way? Have we lost our minds?  
Cuba seeks to be self sufficient. This is positive thinking towards self preservation. If they can do it there, we can do it here. Cuba is too a consumer/service society. Its an island so to be clear they ship in 60% of their food. Never-the-less, 90% of the vegetables consumed in Havana are grown in Havana. That is a big number. 60% of daily dietary requirements are met and produced or raised in Havana.

What we need to do is go somewhere where we are deprived of these high tech things that keep us all busy. Things that have woven themselves into our lives. That keep us constantly connected and always available, constantly accessible with no real time left in the day. 
How would it be to find yourself inaccessible but in a culturally invigorating atmosphere. 
What about going to a place where your cell phone doesn't work, you only have 15 minutes on the internet every two days, no real advertising, no computer,3 channel TV shuts off at 12PM and the land line doesn't ring. Does this sound like 1950/60 when we all had one phone in the kitchen, 3 channels, free TV and radio, no answer machine and time to be Human!
A place where there are no fear reminders of losing homes, hostile billing, negative Ads and actual truthful educated discussions on climate and ecology resulting in meaningful answers and action. Where there are not homeless people laying on the corner, kids go to school until 12th grade, everyone has a house, health care is free, almost crime-less, 33,000 urban farms that hire 480,000 people, almost self sufficient, Sustainable/Organic, everyone eats something, great music and art, the best people you will come to know, a culture where people work to live instead of "live to work". A place where there is no prepared or fast food.
A place that by virtue of going is a statement towards effecting positive change,an opportunity to display Democratic values and when you come home will share the good things you learned to our benefit here?
You would not return the same, you would feel misinformed and know that without real information regular people cannot make an educated decision.
We replicate the Cuban model, it is successful and it works. It is irrelevant what the politics are to degrees other than you also will know that there is not a demonic force murdering peasants for land like Batista.
No you will return with great ideas for your community. Ideas you will work to bring to fruition and relish the time you had when no one could contact you.

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