Saturday, June 22, 2013

South Africans and Stinger-less bees
NEEM – CUBA ProgramsWe have been involved for a very long time on a State, Federal and International level in Cuba and Washington working on improving relations in a sustainable way.  We began taking groups as a part of our foreign exchange component tied directly to NEEMs replication of the Cuban model in Agroecology. 
NEEM was awarded the Office of Foreign Asset Control Department of Treasusry, “People to People” exchange license allowing citizens to travel legally with NEEM to Cuba. What an unplanned honor. 
The license resulted in a collaboration with Global Exchange, a leader in the field. We are also partners with the Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF). Dr. Funes leads Cuba in Agroecological concepts through ACTAF and is our friend. We are very proud to walk with and beside Fernando. We feel as we should in harmony – Argoecologically. 

What purpose do the groups serve? 
First and foremost they bring our respective countries closer together sustainably through  dialectic exchange that occurs in freedom to travel. They bring to the delegate the truth and the knowledge exchange; and they also bring residual income or, financial independence to  NEEM. Organoponoico NEEM is a closed loop off the grid farm. The delegations diversify NEEM and take the organization off the financial grid.  

Delegates are from the United States and International 
When you  give, you get back. 
  NEEM is “Seed to Plate – A Wandering Feast”™.