Friday, August 31, 2012

12 million jobs, Rubio, Cuba and unsubstantiated claims

You could have never told me I would be watching the Republican Convention but I did.

Clint Eastwood is my friend and we play golf together at Pebble Beach. He is not a right wing conservative. Last time I played golf with Clint I made 18 holes in one's. If you believe Clint and I are friends, play golf at pebble beach and that I had a perfect round of golf then you are also capable of believing Romney can create 12 million jobs.
If there is such a thing as a "speech giving" double agent I think it was Clint.

I watched because we have been involved all these years in effecting positive change in Cuba, seeking to end the failed embargo, tired of lining the wallets of numerous not so transparent programs run from Florida in the name of Democracy at taxpayers expense and searching for answers in the convoluted Cuba issue.

FREEDOM seemed to be a theme.
Senator Rubio stated in his bid speech for his Presidential future prior to his introduction of Mitt Romney: "that here, his parents had the freedom and "that here we were free to do what is Americans right to do and I agree with him.
We should have the right to travel. Rubio cries freedom and quickly forgets that Americans are excluded and only "Cuban-Americans" can travel to Cuba. An American is an American.
If Rubio is really as savvy as he is made to be he would not have given the introductory speech last night. He established himself as a puppet, not the future leader of our country - another pawn in the game - the front man! This was all about power gifted to maintain the hypocrisy of the embargo.
Thanks for showing us who you are and bringing to every Americans attention that there are certain inherent FREEDOMS Cuban Americans enjoy that the rest of us do not. Thanks for setting the national stage for some serious Q and A.! Misinformed Americans want to know.
It was actually rather complimentary to a small group. We, the less than 1% working tirelessly for peaceful humanitarian change and the rights and freedoms of Americans, with Cuba being first on the agenda in an opening prayer. The rest of America is not really paying a lot of attention to this subject. You have to have information to do that.
What we do know is that IF we allow this Republican ticket to prevail, we will be thrown into a Bush era financial collapse that makes 2008 pale in comparison. We also know that Cuba, this little country mentioned three  times last night out of all the countries in the world, will be set back 15 years. Rubio is intelligent. He knows the only path is through dialogue. He knows that when both Castro brothers are gone nothing there will skip a beat. He is completely aware of the fact that Cuba will not flip and become a Democracy.  

We owe Mario Rubio a debt of gratitude for bringing up a subject that is normally buried by his constituents at great expense. 

The price of freedom is very high. 

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